About Us

Hello and Welcome!

We are Kallie and Cara. Two friends who became obsessed with F1 early last year after binging the Netflix, Drive to Survive series...multiple times.
It went from talking about our favorites on the show, to googling research to understand the sport, to tuning in every Sunday race day in 2022, to staying up until 1am trying to get tickets for the Vegas Grand Prix.

Our Story

Sunday Avenue came about after multiple times of us going online to buy merch to rep our favorite drivers and teams but couldn’t find anything: minimal, trendy, high quality or honestly cute. Instead of crossing our fingers waiting for someone else to create it, we decided to do it ourselves and make an entire brand around it!

Our Mission: Create minimalist racing inspired everyday wear that is great quality at an affordable price. 

Our brand name, Sunday Avenue, derives from race day being on Sunday and Avenue relating to roads, cars, driving etc. We wanted to choose a name for our brand that will always leave room for growth and opportunity within itself. We plan to create racing style apparel and Sunday Avenue branded apparel, following trends and getting creative. What we picture: someone in a Sunday Avenue hat or hoodie and not automatically relating it to racing but simply seeing minimal and trendy apparel you want to wear, the bonus is - iykyk the racing roots.
We could not be more excited to share Sunday Avenue with you and be on this journey together. We hope to connect with like-minded people and provide you with apparel that you are proud to wear and share.

We’re so happy you’re here! xo